The New Farmer Fund

Set up distinct, yet similar, web template for the New Farmer Fund and FarmStarter. It will be apparent they are part of Partnership.

A critical obstacle facing efforts to support new farmers concerns the funding and institutional support of the organizations taking leading roles in this work. The New Farmer Fund is a social marketing prototype designed to provide consumer-oriented and market driven funding to support a wide range of innovative training, education, land access, and equity building programs for new farmers.

Ideas Regarding Eligibility

  • Member of Partnership
    • Provides information through online form
      • Contact information
      • New farmer services provided
        • list of typical services
        • other category to be filled in
      • Expertise and publications on new farmer issues
      • Geographic area
      • Demographics assisted
  • Status of recipient
    • Non-profit
    • Individual farmer
      • Offering internship or apprenticeship
  • Number of years providing service
  • Type(s) of services provided
    • IDAs
    • Education
      • Business Planning
      • Marketing
      • Risk-management
      • Sustainability?
  • Demographics represented
    • preference for underserved groups
  • Geographic area
    • Attempt to provide wide-spread services depending on regional interest
  • Proof of legal compliance
    • environmental regulations
    • zoning
    • labor laws
    • setting up new farmers for compliance
  • Helping ensure sustainable farming