(Perhaps begin each state's page with a brief summary of the state's unique agricultural characteristics and state specific new farmer challenges and opportunities.)

Access to Capital (Image Link)

  • Access to capital is a critical component for a successful farm operation as well as the organizations that seek to assist America's new farmers. This section looks at specific sources of financing available in Pennsylvania for new farmer organizations as well as how to help new farmers access financial support on their own.

Access to Land (Image Link)

  • For new farmers the issue of land access is often closely related to financing and is one of the largest hurdles in starting a farm operation. This section looks at a variety of ways organizations are helping farmers gain access to land in Pennsylvania.

Access to Markets (Image Link)

  • Access to markets does not pose a substantial challenge to aspiring farmers seeking a conventional operation. However, farmers producing niche products or selling directly to consumers and retailers may have a more difficult time reaching the market. Organizations seeking to assist new farmers, therefore, often become involved in not only teaching new farmers how to analyze and tap into markets, but also establishing the means to enable access.

Access to Knowledge (Image Link)

  • Beginning farmer organizations often provide important education and hands-on experience for new farmers. Areas of education range from business planning and marketing to soil science and animal husbandry. This section addresses programs and legal issues important to both the content of the educational materials and the manner in which the knowledge and experience is provided.

Programs and Policy by Type of Farm (Image)

  • Its not easy to categorize types of farms, and for good reason. Farming can be a diverse enterprise relying on a variety of activities and revenue. However, many groups specialize in assisting farmers in particular endeavors, such as urban agriculture or organic production.