Starting an organic operation poses unique challenges and opportunities. Below you will find information particular to issues facing new organic farmers as well as a list of existing organizations that either specialize in, or have specific programs for, assisting those starting an organic operation.

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Funding (Image Link)

  • This section looks at possible sources of financing geared specifically to the promotion of orgnaic farming. It provides information on related funding for new farmer organizations as well as how to help new farmers access financial support on their own.

Access to Land (Image Link)

  • For new farmers the issue of land access is often closely related to financing and is one of the largest hurdles in starting a farm operation. In relation to organic farming, selecting land not only requires evaluating the property's productive capacity but also its suitability regarding acquiring and maintaining organic certification.

Access to Markets (Image Link)

  • Organic agriculture has a rapidly expanding market. However, there are unique challenges in reaching that market. This section contains information on enabling market access for organic farmers, while programs designed to improve individual organic farmers' marketing skills are found in the next section, "Farming Know-How."

Farming Know-How (Image Link)

  • Beginning farmer organizations often provide important education and hands-on experience for new farmers. Areas of education range from business planning and marketing to soil science and animal husbandry. This section addresses programs and legal issues unique to organic agriculture.