Urban Farming

Urban farming is a growing and diverse sector of the agricultural industry. It is comprised of community gardens, rooftop gardens, vertical in-door farms, and simply farming within an urban or suburban setting. Urban agriculture presents very unique challenges and opportunities for new farmers.

Access to Capital (Image Link)

  • Access to capital is a critical component for a successful farm operation as well as the organizations that seek to assist America's new farmers. This section looks at possible sources of financing geared specifically toward urban farmers and those seeking to assist them.

Access to Land (Image Link)

  • There are many unique issues regarding land access for farming in an urban setting, but there are also opportunities for acquiring land that don't exist in rural areas.

Access to Markets (Image Link)

  • Urban farmers have the advantage of being close to consumers. However, assistance may still be needed establishing the means of connecting farmers with consumers.

Access to Knowledge (Image Link)

  • Beginning farmer organizations often provide important education and hands-on experience for new farmers. Many of the skills required for urban farming are the same as those in a traditional farm environment including business planning, marketing, soil science, and animal husbandry. However, there are a variety of critical differences with which organizations assisting new urban farmers can assist.