Accessing Land

Land prices have seen dramatic increases all across the country. Development on both coasts and near burgeoning metropolitan areas, demand for recreational and scenic property, and record crop prices have increased the difficulty for beginning farmers to access land in nearly every state.

There are, however, a variety of ways new farmers can access land and a number of methods organizations can use to provide land access opportunities to new farmers. Below is a general discussion of these methods and links to more informaiton and organizations providing assistance. The availability of land as well as the methods for acquisition and the challenges faced will in large part depend on the type of farming endeavor. Click this link for more specific information on land access issues by type of farming endeavor.

Methods for Access


Custom Farming



  • Not so much an initial access issue but perhaps a maintaining land issue depending on circumstances.

Programs for Access


  • Matching services for beginning farmers and landowners.
  • Often state based.
  • Sometimes also using mentorship with retiring farmer.

Landowner Incentives

  • Beginning Farmer Tax Credits
  • Land Contract Guarantees
  • Transition Incentives Program

Social Financing

  • Individuals or institutions seeking to invest in social improvements finance land acquisition and then lease or sell the property to new farmers.