New Farmer Issues

Access to Land

Gaining access to land is one of the greatest challenges faced by new farmers. There are, however, diverse mechanisms for gaining access to land and a number of agencies and organizations dedicated to assisting new farmers with this endeavor.

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Access to Financing

Closely related to the issue of land access is funding. Financial assistance is a common way organizations seek to help new farmers. However, funding often does not match the level of financing needed. Fortunately, there are a number of ways organizations can expand their resources to provide greater assistance.

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Access to Markets

Farmers, of course, must sell the products they grow and produce. For farmers looking to start a conventional farm operation, access to markets doesn't pose as much of a problem, though knowledge of commodity and production contracts is critical, a matter discussed in the next section. However, farmers producing niche products or selling directly to consumers and retailers may have a more difficult time reaching the market. There are many ways new farmer organizations can help enable access and even develop markets for beginning farmers.

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Access to Knowledge

Farming is more than putting a few seeds in the ground or some cattle out to pasture and watching them grow. It takes a lot of hard work and knowledge.

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